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Below you can find all updates and upcoming events and news going on in the city.


  • Ensuring an increase in Drainage & Infrastructure Improvements in his Council District, such as reconstruction of MLK Blvd and improvements to Brays and Simms Bayou.

  • Established a Senior Home Repair Program to complete minor emergency repairs for Senior Citizens.

  • Worked to facilitate the opening of several grocery stores in areas that were food desserts including the flagship H-E-B store in Third Ward.

  • Created 2nd Chance Program to facilitate mothers reentering the workforce after child-rearing and to provide prior nonviolent offenders an opportunity to become self-sustaining.


  • Streamline the City’s Budget by implementing Zero-Based Budgeting, so the City can pay for important priorities i.e Infrastructure, Pay Parity, Collective Bargaining Obligations, Public Safety, Street Repairs (Potholes), Trash Pickup.

  • Speed up Harvey Disaster Recovery by fast-tracking critical drainage, infrastructure, and housing repair programs.

  • Implement comprehensive healthcare reform to reduce premiums and improve healthcare outcomes for City employees.


  • Promote Economic Development by improve contracting opportunities for small businesses, attracting diverse industries to the City, and creating incentive-based programs for employers.

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In October, Houston residents will begin to cast their vote for the next Mayor of Houston. I am excited to be in this race and want to let you know of some opportunities to get involved with this campaign and help Team Boykins win.